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 Gamism site and staff (updated May 8 2017)

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CPU of Lastation

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PostSubject: Gamism site and staff (updated May 8 2017)   Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:02 pm

Well, hello everyone first of all, the purpose of this forum is.. to get more fun instead of being a believer and stand static in the steam group, there visc(me), explained the reasons to make this forum, in this site will be a community to make bonds and that stuff, same in steam group BUT, here will be features that in steam are not possible to do, here is a common otaku community, sharing whatever they want like a common forum, mixed with a roleplay stuff. So i really hope you enjoy your stance here and help us to grow more, to make anime great again, to create a unique community!, So please, share this site, that is still under some construction but ready to use; help us grow more please!

Our staff:

Noire (main administrator)
Fire warrior

Nightlock (principal moderator)

Feel free to ask us for help

I'm Lastation's CPU, Noire, also known as Black Heart.

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Gamism site and staff (updated May 8 2017)
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